G14 – Tiger Front End Rebuild

by Jon Hasbrouk in the March 2007 RootesReview: This total project is about the restoration and personalizing the ’66 Tiger that we have owned for some 15 years. The goal is to make mechanical modifications that will make… Read More

G13 – Sway Bar Bushings and Mounting Systems for Improved Handling

by John Wotring in the August 1979 RootesReview Many people pay too much attention to the diameter of their sway bars. They should pay a little more attention to bushings in which the sway bar is mounted. The… Read More

G12 – Rear Axle Suspension Linkages and Bars

by Rob Guerra in the February 1996 RootesReview Like most Tiger owners I have always wanted my car to perform at its peak without too much crazy modification. What to do about wheel hop, cornering, acceleration? How do… Read More

G1 – Finding Shocks for Tigers and Alpines

Notes for finding and replacing shocks

G2 – Crossmember Crisis is Not That Common

by Jim Anderson Tiger Tales, the newsletter of the California Association of Tiger Owners, carried a rather disturbing editorial, entitled “Time Bomb!”. Written by Herb Mosley, the newsletter’s technical editor, the article begins: “Every Tiger on the road… Read More

G3 – Upper Ball Joint Repair

by Burtis S. Homer A potentially dangerous condition has come to my attention on two occasions. It is quite probable that this defect exists on other cars also. A thick steel ring into which the upper ball joints… Read More

G4 – Rear Sway Bars

Perhaps this has happened to you: You’re at a local autocross, it’s the last run, you have to make up .5 of a second to win your class, and finally beat the son-of-a-Z car that’s been giving you… Read More

G5 – Front End Ride Height Adjustment

by Jim Morrison After rebuilding my front suspension, I installed a set of the CAT Club 335 pound competition front springs. The front-end ride height was greatly increased from stock and looked funny, too. I decided to cut… Read More

G6 – Panhard Rod Bracket Service Bulletin

Factory Service Bulletin SUSPENSION AND DAMPERS Sept. 1965 TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS MODEL: SUNBEAM TIGER (260) SUBJECT: PANHARD ROD BRACKET FAILURE In order to minimize the possibility of Panhard Rod Bracket failure on the above model, all… Read More

G7 – Tiger Extra Horsepower Caveats

by anonymous Question: Does the Tiger have any “weak” points that will come to light with increased horsepower? For example, I have heard that rear spring mountings are weak and will break under stress. Answer: In preparing a… Read More