Stock Tiger Hose # interchange

Updated Tiger cooling system hose interchange part numbers list. Eliminated obsolete numbers and added others that look promising.

S27 – Tiger Steering U-Joints

from the November 2006 RootesReview: The following information for their u-joints was found on and should be verified before use. The cap size is 1-1/16”. The cross dimension is a maximum of 3-3/32”. The grease nipple should… Read More

S26 – Tiger Motor and Transmission Mounts

By Ron Fraser in the September 2006 RootesReview: The Tiger motor and transmission mounts the same as the early Mustang V-8 motor mounts. Here are the Ford part numbers from the Sunbeam parts list: C3AZ-6038-G RH Motor mount… Read More

S25 – Tiger Ballast Resistor

from the June 2006 RootesReview: The ballast resistor used in Tiger ignition systems can be found at National Parts Depot. It is listed as a part for the 1955-57 Thunderbird under part number T-12250-1A. It sells for $21.95…. Read More

S24 – 1953 – 1955 Alpine – Talbot Parts Cross Reference

by John Logan in the September 2007 RootesReview: This Information is based on discussions I had at a recent Hillman car meet in Streetsboro, Ohio with one of our members, Allen Lee. He and his wife Alice, from… Read More

S23 – Tiger Crankshaft Pulley

by David Franchi in the December 2007 RootesReview: The crankshaft pulley for a Tiger is Rootes part number 6100031, Ford part number is C4JZ-6312-A. Only industrial Ford Truck dealers could order this part about 20 years ago. You… Read More

S22 – Replace the 260 / 289 with a 302 Roller Cam

by John Logan in the March 2008 RootesReview: This article is meant to help answer the question, “Should I have my original 260 or 289 cid Tiger engine rebuilt or replace it with a 302 and will it… Read More

S21 – Brakes, Springs and Ride Height

by Richard Fritz and Fred Baum in the March 2008 RootesReview: Richard has three Alpines: a 1953, a 1963 Series III and a Series V. The Series V has not run in about five years and he decided… Read More

S1 – Engine Mounts

by Ray McCrary (CAT) Those TRW engine mounts listed in the Shop Notes manual are superior to stock Ford mounts. TRW includes an interlocking piece so that if the rubber in the mount fails, the pieces catch and… Read More

S2 – Ford Part Number Update

Table of Ford Part Numbers