T50 – A Few Short Tips

by George Roberts in the January 1982 RootesReview: Several short tech tips come to mind from my experience rebuilding my own Tiger Mark IA and a Tiger Mark II for another chap. Hopefully, this information will spare you… Read More

T49 – Body and Engine Plate Information

from the April 1982 RootesReview: Q: What do the letters after the chassis number signify? A:  These letters give information on the way the car was equipped by the factory, where it was intended for sale, and what… Read More

N48 – Repair of Loose Tonneau Studs

by Gary Moore in the December 2007 RootesReview: There was a thread on the Tiger list about loose tonneau studs and how to make them tight. Club member Gary Moore responded that there is a product called “RivNut”… Read More

T31 – The Unvarnished Truth: Managing a Tiger Restoration Project

by Larry Paulick in the April 2001 RootesReview: In 1973, I sold my 1965 Tiger from Pittsburgh, with rust included, to a 16-year-old kid and two weeks later I purchased another 1965 Tiger. The rusting hulk (see photo)… Read More

T30 – Winter Storage Checklist

from the November 2000 RootesReview: Here is a checklist for putting your car up for winter storage: Anti-freeze mixture and level: 50/50 mixture provides protection to -34 deg. F. Additives can be added to restore depleted anti-corrosion and… Read More

T29 – Removing Broken Taps, Drill Bits and Bolts

Previously published as “TAP DISINTEGRATOR” in the March 1986 RootesReview by Paul Burr Here’s a tech tip that the readers may find useful–what to do about broken easy outs and drill bits. Of course, Tiger owners never break… Read More

T28 – Installing an Air Conditioner in an Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in The August 1996 RootesReview Several weeks ago while working on my newest S-IV Alpine the weather turned hot and humid. I began to wonder how difficult and how cheaply and air conditioner could be… Read More

T27 – Ford Part Numbers

by Bob Chambers edited by Rick Kopec from The Marque, S.A.A.C. Publication Vol. J, No. 1, Dec.-Jan., 1978, published in the June 1978 RootesReview The Ford numbering system does work. As a parts man, I know a lot… Read More

T26 – Ashtray

by Tiger Tom in the May 1978 RootesReview: If you can’t find an ashtray for your Tiger MK I and II, look in an Austin Healy 3000, they’re exactly the same.

T25 – Importing a Sunbeam from England

by Sumra Manning in the September 1995 RootesReview Have you ever wondered what’s involved in shipping a Sunbeam back from England to the US? It’s surprisingly easy and economical. My shipping costs in August ’95 from Southampton to… Read More