C46 – Solution to Faulty Valve Spring Design

by Dave Lawler in the January 1982 RootesReview: Elnore’s “Orange Blossom Special” missed its first United this year because of a failure of the valve train the night before leaving for Savannah. I have been fighting the resolution… Read More

C45 – Tiger Flywheel Bolts

by Ron Fraser in the February 2007 RootesReview: Flywheel bolts for the Tiger are Ford part number: B8A-6379-A; 7/16″ x 1 1/16″ These are high strength bolts; buy a package from a good source such as Ford or… Read More

C44 – A Check on Your Tiger’s Engine Number

originally published as “Your Tiger’s Other Serial Number” by Keith Bettencourt in the January 1993 RootesReview: Keith sends this noting “it is a way to determine the approximate assembly dates of the Tiger at Sunbeam and the engine… Read More

C43 – Why All That Horsepower?

by Jim Anderson in the January 2002 RootesReview: The Economist magazine had an interesting article recently (Dec. 8, 2002) on the physics and economics of automotive aerodynamics. It seems that open-wheeled Fl and CART racers have the approximate… Read More

C42 – Baffling Your Tiger Oil Pan

by Bill Barnett in the April 2002 RootesReview: For Tigers that experience a loss of oil pressure while braking, cornering, or accelerating hard, the cause is the oil sloshing away from the oil pump pick up screen. As… Read More

C41 – Series V Oil Filter

from the July 1979 RootesReview Are you paying top dollar for a tin can with toilet paper from your local friendly just because his book lists some weird part number for an Alpine? Now you can go to… Read More

C40 – A Prime Cause of Failure of an Alpine Engine

by Dave Lawler in the May 1979 RootesReview While having some discussions about maintaining oil pressure in a racing configured engine it became apparent to me that many people may be missing a serious problem. As a result… Read More

C39 – Installing a Ford 2.8 Liter V6 in an Alpine

by Bob Sharkey in the July 1996 RootesReview The project begins with the desire to have an Alpine with a little more zip than original 1725cc engine could provide. At the Sunbeam United in Charleston, South Carolina a… Read More

C37 – Alpine V6 Conversion

by Gary Schotland with Larry Atkisson & Joe Rodriguez in the May 1996 RootesReview Imagine an Alpine with performance that will blow the doors off a stock Tiger and embarrass more than a few modified ones: 300+ reliable… Read More

C38 – 2300cc Bobcat / Sunbeam Alpine

by John Thompson in the December 1978 RootesReview Like so many cars whose production end opened the door to a classic automobile, the Sunbeam Alpine develops more and more interest each year. Unfortunately, like many classics, repair parts… Read More