E5 – Six Bolt Conversion Clutch Slave Bracket

by Don Worth, A Mini Tech Tip from the August 1996 RootesReview: When replacing a five bolt 260 CI block with a six bolt 289 (302 or Boss 302) CI block, you will need a new clutch slave… Read More

E4 – Clutch Slave Cylinder Tubing

by Ed Esslinger in the March 2003 RootesReview If you have owned an Alpine or Tiger for some time, you will sooner or later experience clutch failure, caused by a broken steel tube between the clutch master and… Read More

E1 – Alpine Clutch Replacement

by Chris Laisi I recently went through a clutch replacement on my ’64 Alpine. I hope the information I found can be of some help to someone attempting to do the job. I have owned the car for… Read More

E2 – Smooth Shifting Clutch Story

by Rich Bakula My 1965 Tiger (Serial No. B9473202) developed an extreme case of chewed flywheel teeth. This was probably started about 12 years ago by a starter gear, which was hanging up on the shaft. When my… Read More

E3 – Big Bore Clutch Master Cylinder

by Jim Morrison If you are having a problem with your Tiger’s clutch not fully disengaging, one potential solution is the installation of a clutch master cylinder with a 0.750-inch bore to replace the stock unit (having a… Read More