K2 – Flexible Brake Hoses

by Tom Ehrhart The following is taken from literature from Lockheed on the installation and maintenance of flexible brake hoses: To ensure that the vehicle braking system remains in good (more…)

K3 – Brake Fluids

by Stu Brennan I remember sitting in a tech session at a United several years back, listening to some of our experts talk about silicone brake fluid. They were describing (more…)

K5 – Series V Alpine Brakes

by Steve Finberg On a recent trip to my favorite parts emporium, I was told they were no longer stocking brake shoes for my Series V Alpine; but if I (more…)

K7 – Cylinder Liners

from CAT In January, 1984, we published an article on a brake cylinder lining service offered by White Post Restorations. By popular demand, we are republishing their address, as follows: (more…)

K9 – Master Cylinder Cleanup

by Jim Morrison In attempting to return the engine compartment in my Tiger to like new condition, I found no way of cleaning the exterior of the clutch and brake (more…)

K11 – Servo Unit Rebuild Instructions

by Tom Ehrhart Rebuilding the Girling servo is a critical operation that requires cleanliness, care in disassembly/reassembly, and moderate mechanical dexterity. If you are a little weak in or doubtful (more…)