The Los Angeles Tiger (LAT)

When fitted with the proper equipment, the Tiger became a true racer and could dominate an event while putting some of Europe’s finest to shame. This proper equipment was available from the beginning for the Tiger and was designated as LAT meaning Los Angeles Tiger.

New Electronic Rootes Review

By Jim Morrison Membership Chairman Tigers East/Alpines East is now offering an Internet based distribution of our monthly newsletter, The Rootes Review. We are calling it the Electronic Rootes Review. (more…)

Winter Tiger

From Rootes Review: Vol. 3, #7, December 1978 Those of us who live in the northern areas of the country, where it snows near the end/beginning of the year, are (more…)

Racing Alpine Found!

Photos and article by Steve Silverstein First published in Rootes Review, April 2006 Parked almost 36 years ago, This Alpine early Series II raced from 1963-1968, and appears to have (more…)

What are Batans?

By Robert Jaarsma First published in Rootes Review August 2005 Several members of TE/AE met with “B.A.T.A.N.S.”. It is a close knit group of dedicated British car owners- the British (more…)