Factory Service Bulletins

Find the Factory Service Bulletins in this section. All images are included in these versions which were removed from the forum in around 2008 1960 1961 1965 1966 1967 1968

Bulletin 68-18: Alpine V Engine Vibration

NUMBER: 68-18 DATE: 10-14-68 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Intake Manifold MODELS: Alpine V SUBJECT: Engine Vibration THIS BULLETIN CANCELS AND SUPERSEDES BULLETIN 67-45 DATED 4-3-67. When you receive complaints of engine vibration which. can normally be felt through the accelerator pedal especially at 3200 r.p.m,. it is recommended that a clamp is fitted to the intake (more…)

Bulletin 68-14: Zenith C.D. Carbs Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots

NUMBER: 68-14 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Carburetor MODELS: All Models Equipped With Zenith C.D. Carbs SUBJECT: Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots — Zenith C.D. Carbs Where complaints are received of persistent loss of oil from carburetor dash pot pistons resulting in loss of piston damping, it is recommended that the following action be (more…)

Bulletin 68-13: Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light

NUMBER: 68-13 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Electrical SUBGROUP: Gauges MODELS: All Models Equipped With Alternators; Negative Ground Only SUBJECT: Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light In Models Equipped With Negative Ground Alternators On cars equipped with Lucas 10AC or 11AC alternators and having NEGATIVE ground systems, some owners may report a condition where the needle fluctuates (more…)

Bulletin 68-12: Arrow & Alpine V Corrosion of Temperature Sender

NUMBER: 68-12 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Cooling SUBGROUP: Temperature Sending Unit MODELS: Arrow & Alpine V SUBJECT: Corrosion Of Temperature Sending Unit Since the introduction in approximately mid-January 1967, of a steel temperature sending unit, fitting into the thermostat housing a number of complaints have been received of corrosion of the unit together with difficult removal. (more…)

Bulletin 68-3: Alpine, Imp, Minx, Arrow Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness

NUMBER: 68-3 DATE: 2-28-68 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Cylinder Head MODELS: Alpine, Imp, Minx, and Arrow SUBJECT: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness Effective immediately, the cylinder head bolt torque loading figure has been reduced from 48 ft. lbs. to 45 ft. lbs. Please correct the appropriate Service Manuals. NOTE: Check tightness of bolts: 1. Cast Iron Head (more…)