Bulletin 67-43: Borg-Warner 35 Thumping Noise

NUMBER: 67-43 DATE: 3-31-67 GROUP: Automatic Transmission SUBGROUP: Adjustment MODELS: All Models Equipped With Borg-Warner 35 Transmission SUBJECT: Thumping Noise Some cases of a thumping noise from the transmission have been reported when shifting into ‘D’ or ‘D1’. If you should encounter this, the following action is recommended: Be sure that engine idling speed is (more…)

Bulletin 67-45: Alpine V Engine Vibration

Note: See Service Bulletin 68-18 NUMBER: 67-45 DATE: 4-3-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Intake Manifold MODELS: Alpine V SUBJECT: Engine Vibration When you receive complaints of engine vibration which can normally be felt through the accelerator pedal especially at 3,200 r.p.m., it is recommended that a clamp is fitted to the intake manifold in accordance with (more…)

Bulletin 67-26: 1725cc Engine Oil Leaks

NUMBER: 67-26 DATE: 2-13-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Miscellaneous MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1725 Engines SUBJECT: Engine Oil Leaks Before any detailed examination of oil leaks is attempted, be sure that: The oil level is correct and that no overfilling has occurred. The engine unit is clean, short road test carried out, and exact source (more…)

Bulletin 67-18: 1600cc & 1725cc Oversize Piston Pins

NUMBER: 67-18 DATE: Feb. 7, 1967 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Piston Pins MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1600 & 1725cc Engines SUBJECT: Oversize Piston Pins A new oversized piston pin has been released for service under part number 5110421 and is identified by blue paint on one end. The new pin is .001″ above the top (more…)

Bulletin 67-23: Tiger 260 Fan Blade Clearance

NUMBER: 67-23 DATE: 2-7-67 GROUP: Cooling SUBGROUP: Fan Blade MODELS: Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Fan Blade Clearance In order to control the clearance between the fan blade tips and the rack and pinion steering unit, spacing washers are fitted between the cylinder block and the engine mounting blocks. When found necessary to remove the mounts it (more…)

Bulletin 67-21: Imp I & II Engine Oil Leaks

NUMBER: 67-21 DATE: 2-7-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Engine Oil Leaks MODELS: Imp I & II SUBJECT: Engine Oil Leaks Imp I Models Recent investigation of reported oil leakage from the oil pan gasket revealed incorrect positioning of the ‘O’ ring seal after routine service. When fitting a new element it is recommended that the following (more…)

Bulletin 67-20: 1600cc Cylinder Blocks

NUMBER: 67-20 DATE: Feb. 7, 1967 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Cylinder Blocks MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1600cc Engines SUBJECT: 1600cc Cylinder Blocks All replacement 1600 cc. cylinder blocks will have the crankshaft main bearing bores the same diameter as the 1725 cc. units. When fitting crankshafts and replacement bearings to these cylinder blocks (Part No. (more…)

Bulletin 67-15: Alternator/Fan Belt Adjustment

NUMBER: 67-15 DATE: Jan. 23, 1967 GROUP: Electrical SUBGROUP: Fan Belt MODELS: All Models Equipped With Alternators SUBJECT: Fan Belt Adjustment Whenever it is found necessary to adjust the fan belt on cars equipped with alternators, adjustment of the alternator must be carried out at the forward mounting flange in order to tension the belt. (more…)

Bulletin 67-14: 35-amp Production Test Fuses

NUMBER: 67-14 DATE: Jan. 23, 1967 GROUP: Electrical SUBGROUP: Test Fuses MODELS: All Models SUBJECT: 35 Amp, Production Test Fuses While testing instruments and wiring circuits in Production, a 35 amp. fuse is fitted between the starter solenoid and the main feed wire. On completion of the checks, this fuse is removed at the Factory (more…)

Bulletin 67-12: Alpine & Minx Noisy Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing

NUMBER: 67-12 DATE: Jan. 23, 1967 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy MODELS: Alpine & Minx SUBJECT: Clutch Shaft Pilot Bushing – Noisy Some reports have been received of low pitched noise from the clutch on release of the pedal during the first few applications, especially when the vehicle has been standing (more…)