Factory Service Bulletins

Find the Factory Service Bulletins in this section. All images are included in these versions which were removed from the forum in around 2008 1960 1961 1965 1966 1967 1968

Bulletin 66-1: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure

NUMBER: 66-1 DATE: June 31, 1966 GROUP: Lucas & Girling Equipment SUBGROUP: Warranty MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Imported By Chrysler Corporation SUBJECT: Lucas & Girling Equipment Warranty Procedure All Sunbeam models imported by the Simca-Rootes Division of Chrysler Motors Corporation, equipped with Lucas & Girling equipment is guaranteed by them to be free of defects (more…)

Bulletin 66-10: Lifting Jacks on Minx VI, Alpine V, & Tiger 260

NUMBER: 66-10 DATE: November 22, 1966 GROUP: Miscellaneous SUBGROUP: Lifting Jack MODELS: Minx VI, Alpine V, & Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Lifting Jacks In order to increase ground clearance during wheel removal, the lifting jack on the above models has been modified from chassis numbers as follows: Minx VI B 006-003800 Part #5220779 Alpine V B (more…)

Bulletin 66-6: 1725cc Oil Pressure Relief Valve Change

NUMBER: 66-6 DATE: Sept. 26, 1966 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Oil Pressure Relive Valve MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1725cc Engine SUBJECT: Oil Pressure Relief Valve Change Some reports of early bearing failure and/or intermittent low oil pressure have been received. If this condition is encountered, it is recommended that the oil pressure relief valve part (more…)

Bulletin 66-5: Alpine V Oil Cooler Pipe Fouling

NUMBER: 66-5 DATE: August 26, 1966 GROUP: ENGINE SUB GROUP: OIL COOLER PIPES MODEL: ALPINE V SUBJECT: ENGINE OIL COOLER PIPE FOULING URGENT In order to prevent fouling and possible loss of engine oil, the following action must be taken on all stock cars. All owners must be advised and requested to make their cars (more…)

Bulletin 66-4: 1725cc Crankshaft End Play

NUMBER: 66-4 DATE: July 26, 1966 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Crankshaft End Play MODELS: Alpine V; Hillman Minx VI; Super Minx IV; Humber Sceptre II; Sunbeam Rapier V; Singer Gazelle VI; Singer Vogue IV SUBJECT: Crankshaft End Play – 1725cc Engine Recent reports received from the field indicate excessive crankshaft end play in the 1725 c.c. (more…)

Bulletin 66-2: Tiger 260 Carburettor Modification

NUMBER: 66-2 DATE: July 19, 1966 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Carburetor MODELS: Sunbeam Tiger (260) SUBJECT: Carburetor Modification Effective with serial number B382001074 a modification to the carburetor was introduced in production to prevent flooding. The modification includes the following parts changes: Description – Part Number – Qty. Carburetor Float – 6100324 – 1 Needle Valve (more…)