Factory Service Bulletins

Find the Factory Service Bulletins in this section. All images are included in these versions which were removed from the forum in around 2008 1960 1961 1965 1966 1967 1968

Bulletin 61-237: Lubricants

ROOTES SERVICE BULLETIN MISCELLANEOUS No. 237 April 28, 1961 ——————————————————————————– TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS LUBRICANTS We receive a number of inquiries regarding the effects of adding any of the proprietary Molybdenum Disulphide based additives compounds to the lubricants of our various mechanical units, and perhaps more to the point, we are asked frequently if (more…)

Bulletin 61-232: Braking System Fluids

NUMBER: 61-232 DATE: APRIL 19,1961 GROUP: MISCELLANEOUS TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SUBJECT: BRAKING SYSTEM FLUIDS Our overseas associates advise us that since the Automotive Products Co. Ltd. has announced that a new brake and clutch hydraulic fluid is being made available this will supersede the present fluid used in Lockheed hydraulic components. This new (more…)

Bulletin 61-231: Alpine I & II Disk Brakes

NUMBER: 61-231 DATE: APRIL 19, 1961 GROUP: MISCELLANEOUS TO: ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SUBJECT: DISC BRAKES SUNBEAM ALPINE SERIES I & II Where complaints are received in respect of “squeal” on the disc brakes fitted to the front wheels of the above model, this can be overcome by fitting special anti-squeal shims. The shims, of (more…)