Factory Service Bulletins

Find the Factory Service Bulletins in this section. All images are included in these versions which were removed from the forum in around 2008 1960 1961 1965 1966 1967 1968

Bulletin 60-191: Alpine Soft Top Assembly

MISCELLANEOUS PROCEDURES No. 191 June 30, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS SOFT TOP ASSEMBLY – SUNBEAM ALPINE A number of instances have been brought to our attention where Dealers and owners have found the soft top assembly very difficult to erect feeling that the soft top assembly fabric has been cut too short and (more…)

60-190: EasiDrive Throttle Spindle Nut

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION EASIDRIVE No. 190 June 9, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS It has come to our attention that the special shouldered nut Throttle Spindle, Part No. P117796 has, in some instances, backed off its threads and can be lost through normal operation of the vehicle. It was also found that in order to (more…)

Bulletin 60-189: Anti-Freeze

COOLING No. 189 June 9, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS ANTI-FREEZE With the approach of summer, we would remind all Dealers that anti-freeze should be drained from the cooling system of cars during the summer months, otherwise fouling of the cooling system and overheating are liable to occur. In cars which have been sold (more…)

Bulletin 60-188: 1,000 Mile Inspections

MISCELLANEOUS PROCEDURES No. 188 June 9, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS 1,000 MILE INSPECTIONS It has come to our attention that a number of transient Servicing Dealers are performing 1,000 Mile Inspections on Rootes Group owner vehicles. While this practice is encouraged to ensure owner’s satisfaction with the vehicle, we feel we must draw (more…)

Bulletin 60-187: Factory-Fill Break-In Lubricants

LUBRICANTS No. 187 June 2, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS FACTORY-FILL BREAK-IN LUBRICANTS A number of instances have come to our attention where owners have not returned to the selling Dealer at the first 500 mile interval to have the original factory-fill break-in lubricants drained and refilled with the proper viscosity replacement oils. Due (more…)

Bulletin 60-185: Alpine Mud and Water Entry Into Front Hub Bearings

NUMBER:60-185 DATE: June l, 1960 GROUP: STEERING MODEL: SUNBEAM ALPINE SUBJECT: MUD AND WATER ENTRY INTO FRONT HUB BEARINGS TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS This may be caused by a defective hub oil seal or by a damaged `O’ ring seal (Part No. 9107088) on the conical seat of wire wheel type hubs. HUB OIL (more…)

Bulletin 60-184: Rapier & Alpine “D”-type Overdrive Oil

NUMBER:60-184 DATE: May 31, 1960 GROUP: TRANSMISSION & OVERDRIVE MODEL: SUNBEAM RAPIER AND ALPINE SUBJECT: “D” TYPE OVERDRIVE OIL LEAKS TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS For some time we have investigated a few cases of overdrive failure due to oil loss which became associated with sustained high speed driving. It is felt that to overcome (more…)

Bulletin 60-181: Alpine Windshield Water Leaks

May 17, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS AND WAREHOUSE LOCATIONS SERVICE ADVICE LETTER NO. 181 WATER LEAKS SUNBEAM ALPINE While investigating a number of complaints received here from Dealers and owners relative to water leaks in and around the windshield area we have found a number of instances where three (3) of the seven (more…)

Bulletin 60-179: Super Snipe I & II Sump Oil Leaks

May 10, 1960 TO ALL ROOTS GROUP DEALERS SERVICE ADVICE LETTER NO. 179 HUMBER SUPER SNIPE SERIES I & II SUMP OIL LEAKS When investigating cases of oil leaks at the sump area the following points should be noted: 1. Oil leakage can occur from a number of points above the sump face joint and (more…)