What are Batans?

By Robert Jaarsma First published in Rootes Review August 2005 Several members of TE/AE met with “B.A.T.A.N.S.”. It is a close knit group of dedicated British car owners- the British Automobile Touring Association of Nova Scotia (B.A.T.A.N.S., www.batans.ca… Read More

Mt. Washington Hill Climb

By Steve Silverstein First published Rootes Review: August 2005 The Mt. Washington Hill Climb is an event that is not well known, but to many it is one of the best motor sport events in the country. It’s… Read More

Sunbeam Trademark

Jim Anderson Published in Rootes Review August 2008 There’s been some misinformation floating around about the trademark issue and this may clear some things up. The name “Sunbeam Alpine” for automotive and associated products (such as T-shirts, caps,… Read More

Tigers East/Alpines East Loses a Founding Father

Walter John Swift August 11, 1920-March 10, 2002 A Celebration of Life Pictures: [We’ll Remember ] [ Farewell] By Gordon Holsinger On Sunday, March 10, 2002, the Sunbeam community lost a great friend. Walter John Swift (Uncle Wally)… Read More

President’s Letters: 2001

January 2001 Another Year of the Sunbeam has passed, as we now enter 2001. And the Club has continued to mature and develop. Looking back on the year, there are some highlights worthy of mention. Early in 2000,… Read More

President’s Letters: 2000

January, 2000 I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and didn’t overdo the Y2K celebration! And now the slow winter months are upon us & car-wise. While we have yet to receive any snow here in Boston as… Read More

Because Three Won’t Fit

From Rootes Review Vol. 26, #3, March 2000 By Jim Morrison The Tiger pictured here received the first place award in the Concours Personalized class at SUNI III in 1999. I am quite proud to have accomplished this… Read More

President’s Letters: 1999

July 1999: Change Change & it’s happenin’ all the time. And it’s happening here at TE/AE in a number of ways. You have read about some of the changes and initiatives towards change previously in this column. In… Read More

Hey Mister, What Kind of Car Is That?

From Rootes Review Vol. 11, #2, February 1986 by Edward W. Warren My wife bought it new in 1964 because she thought Elizabeth Taylor looked cool driving one in Butterfield 8. It still sits in the garage 21… Read More

The Volvo Alpine

From Rootes Review Vol. 11 #1, January 1986 by Steve Hansen If anyone had any doubts at all that Sunbeams are fast becoming collector cars, the following story should put those doubts to rest once and for all…. Read More