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BANQUET: United 24

Stuart Garrad admiring video of his mother , Laura Garrad receiving award presented by Tiger Tom


Anthony DiBattista, Announcer, Bouncer, Security, Mountain Rallye Host and always can do United team member


TEAE Prez Dan Fitzgerald speaks, we listen


Tom Stoyle, Proof the Tiger spirit is alive and well, ask Jane.


Tiger Tom presents Tiger coffee mug made by Stuart Garrad's mother, Laura to Stuart. The mug was autographed by Stuarts Mother and father Ian and presented by them to Tiger Tom at the first TEAE United. Certainly brings new meaning to "Where your ROOTES meet our ROOTS"


Stuart Garrad's emotional first ever visit to a Sunbeam United. He's hooked.


The Lords Rootes Trophy made by Stuart Garrad's Mother, Laura


Bill Miller, Caretaker of the Hollywood Sports car Tiger and Stuart Garrad


Tiger Tom and Joanne with TEAE Secretary and Prez Lori and Dan Fitzgerald


Doug Jennings, Stuart and Lisa


David Reed, United Technology and Photographic savior


Jack Swift, Darrel and Joan Brunn and "Aunt" Helen Swift