Posted on: April 28, 1967

NUMBER: 67-49
DATE: 4-19-67
GROUP: Brakes
SUBGROUP: Brake Pads

MODELS: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260
SUBJECT: New Brake Pads

In order to improve braking stability under all operating conditions, a new lining material (DS.31) has been introduced from the following Chassis Numbers:

Alpine V – Disc Wheels – B 395002906
Alpine V – Wire Wheels – B 395003137
Tiger 260 – B 382001283

When investigating complaints of front brake pull on those models up to the introduction of the new pads, it is recommended that the following procedure is carried out after having checked for any obvious defects such as incorrect tire pressures, brake pad and disc contamination, etc.

Remove existing (M.40) brake pads and discard.

Blow off any dust from around the caliper and brake disc assemblies.

Fit new brake pads (DS.31), Girling system, Brake Pad part number 5044372 (set of four).

It is essential that stocks are not mixed and only one type of pad fitted to each vehicle. For ease of identification, M.40 pads have green and red paint on the top face of the back plate and DS.31 pads have light blue and white paint.

If, as a result of fitting these latest DS.31 brake pads, severe brake squeal is encountered, it is recommended that anti-squeal shims are fitted in accordance with the instructions shown in the illustration.

Alpine & Tiger 260 (Girling ‘A’) Shim part number 1236608 (one shim).

It is necessary that these shims are correctly fitted relative to the direction of rotation of the disc.

T.H. Bullard
Manager — Service & Parts

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