Find other instructions for the new membership site here.

This was originally called the Account tab. Renamed to make more sense!

Your membership level and expiration date

Membership Level/Subscription/Option is only a way for the system to distinguish among people who are only forum members, who get electronic or printed newsletters, and who have paid for one or two years.

Click on the renew button (1 right) there when you’re ready to do that. That button shows up 60 days before you’re membership expires.

New Automatic Renewal Option

Scroll down a bit on your account page to find the automatic renewal feature. Click that check box and we’ll charge your PayPal account annually. Your address is already filled in in the renewal process boxes. But you will need to add your name to that list.

Obviously if you’re paying by check, you can’t automatically renew. And if you pay by credit card not thru PayPal it also won’t work. You can pay by check by clicking the radio button for that. We DO HOPE you’ll fill out the information online so we’re sure to get the right information about you.

There is an option to change your level/subscription (2) (which is basically your payment options: Printed or electronic Rootes Review, one or two year subscription)

You can also cancel (3) your subscription. We hope you won’t.

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