3-Dog Garage, Boyertown, PA

The local SAAC chapter organized a tour at the 3-Dog Garage back in January. Coincidentally, the date fell on January 11 – Ol’ Shel’s birthday, he would have been 97 if he was still with us. If there is a better way to spend that day than at a private Museum loaded with fantastic Shelby and Ford cars – I’d like to try it next year.

The 3-Dog Garage is a converted factory that houses the collection and restoration shop of Ross Myers in Boyertown PA. Vehicles range from the Brass Era up into the modern day, including numerous cars that are shown and / or vintage raced all over the country. I first saw some of the cars as they were displayed and run at the AACA fall meet working on their Race Car awards (maybe in the 90’s?). I was immediately impressed and have been fortunate to see more on a few tours with different Clubs and also at some vintage race and other events over the years.

There are so many great cars, that it’s basically impossible to pick a favorite. Many of the cars are well-known / important histories. Here you’ll see:

  • Hot Rods with flathead and Hemi power from the 50’s
  • Ridler Award winner “First Love”
  • Shelbys
  • Mustangs
  • Small block and big block Cobras

  • Allards
  • SCCA Trans Am/ IMSA /other race cars
  • Significant drag /dry lakes race cars
  • Mk 1 Tiger (low mile original condition)
  • 1 of 2 Thunderbird “Battlebirds”

There is a nice website with many photos and additional details.  

I was especially impressed with the Allards. There were none there a few years ago and now they have three. In my opinion, if Shelby had not been exposed to and successfully raced Allards in the early 50’s – there would be no Cobra and no Tiger.

One other outstanding note is the friendliness and atmosphere with the staff… I’ve only been able to go once per 2/3/4 years, but when you’re there, it’s like visiting old friends. I’ve noted the same result if seeing the guys at Hershey, Simeone, or other venues as well. I’ll look forward to the next opportunity visit and seeing what is next.

'64 Mk I Tiger
’64 Mk I Tiger, 10K miles highly original example
'68 Mustang Cobra
’68 Mustang Cobra Jet Lightweight, NHRA record holder
Myers Manx Dune Buggy
Myers Manx Dune Buggy with Porsche power
1937 Ed Ignalls Special
1937 Ed Ignalls Special (continued racing into the 50’s)
Mercury Flathead motor
Mercury Flathead motor w/Alum ARDUN OHV conversion and triple-carb intake (Allard # 11 was equipped with a similar engine in its early racing days)
'64 Mk I Tiger
’64 Mk I Tiger
'65 Mustang A/FX 427
’65 Mustang A/FX 427 SOHC (1 of 5) NHRA Record Holder
Ford Model T Fire Truck
Ford Model T Fire Truck (I don’t recall year)
1912 Pierce Arrow model 48-SS Touring Car
1912 Pierce Arrow model 48-SS Touring Car
289 Cobra CSX2565.
289 Cobra CSX2565. Highly original with its long-time owner
427 race Cobra
427 race Cobra CSX3010, won championships in USA and Canada
Saleen S7R racer
Saleen S7R racer, French FIA GT-1 champion
'63 Corvette
’63 Corvette (split-window) Coupe
Allard J2 Mercury V8
Allard J2 Mercury V8 Powered (British sports racer) Editorial comment – yes, Shelby drove these… does the idea seem familiar by now?
1996 Roush Mustang Cobra
1996 Roush Mustang Cobra – Trans Am Champion (Tommy Kendall)

-Mark Petri

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