5 thoughts on “TechTips

  1. Bob Wilson

    What are the USA part number equivalent to British part numbers for light bulbs primarily the turn signal lamps? Help!

  2. Tom

    Bob, I am not aware of any interchange list. I’ve seen some references in years past of a lamp or two but I a not aware of a list of popular lamp types.

    Do you own Studebakers too?

  3. Don Eichstaedt

    Concerning the ZDDP oil additive problem. I have been recommended to use Valvoline Racing Oils as they have plenty of ZDDP in them and they do not cost any more than the ZDDP additive alone.

    Don Eichstaedt

    1965 Tiger

  4. Tom Hayden

    Is there somewhere on this site (or elsewhere) where I can find the complete cooling article done by Tiger Tom and Chuck King? It seems it has been taken apart and put back in in parts – Fan, radiator, flow, etc. But the whole piece is quite useful- more useful I think.


    Tom Hayden (67 Alpine)

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