Best of Britain at the Simeone Museum

Special Exhibit

The Best of Britain

at the Simeone Foundation Museum
Philadelphia, PA
On display thru Feb 26, 2012

According to the Museum Staff, there are 3 features to the display – MGs, Triumphs, and V8 cars.

A Mark 1a Tiger will be included as an example with the V8 group.

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One Comment on “Best of Britain at the Simeone Museum

  1. There are a total of 10 “V8” cars included: Allard, Cobra [roadster], Tiger, Griffith, Diamler SP250, Triumph Stag & TR8, Morgan Plus 8 & Aero 8 and an MGB-GT/V8. They have MGs back into the ’30s plus a bunch of Triumphs. The MGs/Triumphs are mostly arraned in pairs with their competitive rivals.

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