Alpine-Tiger Door glass installation

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Alpine-Tiger Door glass installation

Postby Crocker2 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:23 pm

I am assembling bare doors from scratch and am having difficulty attaching the glass bottom channel to the window regulator. I did not disassemble the doors however I have read the Workshop Manual where they tell you to "Spring out the operating arms from their locations." I don't see how that would have been possible, however my question is, how do you re-attach the regulator buttons (studs) into the lower glass channel?
I would appreciate any help. Thanks...

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Re: Alpine-Tiger Door glass installation

Postby 0neoffive » Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:26 am

Removing window and regulator:

--Remove all inside door hardware
--pop off the door panel
--remove the outer window to door seal (this is optional and just makes the window easier to slide out)
--remove the 1/4 window and the attached front channel (no need to remove the bolted in front channel that the 1/4 window channel slides into). Removing the 1/4 window allows the window to roll up an extra 1" to help in it's removal
--loosen all the regulator bolts (I think there are 3)
--roll the window all the way up
--remove the rear bolt so the regulator will tip down at the rear
--slide the window forward off the regulator channel and out of the door
--tip the regulator back into it's original position and reinstall the rear bolt
--roll the window regulator down
--remove the regulator bolts and remove the regulator from the large opening in the door

Reinstalling: Just the reverse order but you need to go slow and be patient to get everything aligned up so the door window rolls up and down correctly.

This would be a good time to remove and replace all the channel felt

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