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Get Power Steering for your Alpine

Postby Tiger2Dan » Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:08 am

Now available, Power steering for your Alpine.

No messy hydraulic fluid leaks, No pump & Fan belts to adjust or hoses, and No Loss of power from the engine, nice, clean, quite, and easy driving, just a touch of an adjustment knob to set the "feel" you want for parking or down the road driving

I finalized the wiring and made a deal to have a harness for the EPS which will complete the kit.

The sell price is $1050.00 which will be:

1. The modified upper steering column w/telescoping capability (as original)
2. An EPS motor with warranty; a separate wiring harness
3. Fittings for installation
4. Instructions to modify your lower steering column.

You can use your original components such as horn, turn signals, steering wheel, etc....

My test car, unlike the earlier Series, is a '67 SV Alpine equipped with fresh air ducts. After much study, trial and error I was finally able to retain the fresh air duct even thought it is very tight. The defroster vent is also left unmolested. I almost gave up on keeping the fresh air duct because I install heat and air in some of my Alpines

The Electric Power Steering unit for the Alpine, as I have designed sits the ECM behind the passenger kick panel. The wiring harness will run from the Motor (main power and ground) to the ECM, from the ECM with the power and ground to the Battery box with a main inline fuse, the Controller to (Ign Switch) and Adjustment knob from the ECM to the Dash panel (You select a location).

A good serviceable "Core" will be required for the upper portion of the steering column.

To keep the cost as low as possible I will provide instructions for you (or your machine shop) to modify the lower portion of the steering assembly which I refer to as the "outer column and steering box".

DO NOT DISASSEMBLE the outer column from the steering box unless you like to deal with lots of "small things" like ball bearings etc.... Besides it is not required for the conversion!

If you are in the process of restoring your Alpine, doing engine, or radiator work, the removal of the steering column and box is fairly simple and can be changed out easily for modifying to the EPS.

While the steering box is out of the car would be a good time to replace the rubber O ring that seals the lubricant.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please do so!

Here is a link that is just getting started you can go to:

Of course you can DIY..... I'm a bit slow, so it only took me a couple years :D

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