Latest for converting your Alpine 4 cyl to a FORD V6 . Specially designed for the FORD 2.8 V6 Engine.

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Latest for converting your Alpine 4 cyl to a FORD V6 . Specially designed for the FORD 2.8 V6 Engine.

Postby Tiger2Dan » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:17 pm

1. Headers, Straight back similar to the Tiger System: with 1 ½ inch tubes into a 2 ½ Collector and 3/8” thick Header Flange (two styles):
Collector tube w/o Ball & Socket $575.00 or Collector w/Ball& Socket $675.00 (Highly recommended). The correct metric header bolts are furnished. I recommend you drill and tap your heads in the current emission/pcv/air holes to the same metric size and thread as the other header bolt holes. Past recommendations have been to "NOT" tighten to spec the top header bolts because it will pull the bottom of the header away from the head and cause an exhaust leakage. My remedy will fix any potential problem in that area.

2. A transmission mount bracket for the 2.8 V6 conversion available for either the 4 speed manual or auto BW35 Alpines utilizing either late model Mustang T5's or Automatic transmissions such as the A4LD or C3/C4. $125.00

3. Engine Mounts designed to fit the engine in place ensuring space between the fan and radiator.
Large Rubber Biscuits Anchor 2424 are furnished but should you need replacements they aare readily available at most Auto Suppliers. $150.00

4. Slave cylinder mount bracket that positions the Slave farther away from the headers providing longer life. $75.00

5. Cross link for the steering, one piece formed (not welded) with tie rod ends. $160.00 OR
an option to utilize your original cross link and my Designed bolts and spacers to raise the
linkage similar to the "one piece formed link referenced above with tie rod ends. $40.00
I do however recommend you replace your current bushings with new ones with a cost of
approx $28.00 from SS or CS.

6. Alternator bracket (two piece with adjustment arm. $125.00

7. Thermostat Housing Modified with heater options. $60.00

8. Rod, upper gas pedal for linkage to the carburetor. $ 9.00

9. Pilot Shaft Adapter steel with oil base bronze bushing to your T5 spec's (If needed) $70.00

10. Hood release rod, connector and Knob. SV's Alpines utilize a cable in the hood release. Cables some times break and cause much difficulty in opening the hood. Earlier Models had a rod. This is as near to original as I can get it. $35.00

11. Modified Water Neck to turn the connection toward the left top position $65.00. A recommended method I discovered after several attempts to do it the way previously done. I believe you too will realize the simplicity once you look at it. I keep the upper top connection on the left hand side but have it angle approximately 30 degree toward the center of the engine. The connection on the right hand side at the bottom is accomplished by a 90 degree elbow underneath pointing straight back toward the left hand side. Gates has a radiator hose available that can be fitted perfectly part number 22080. (Please see my PIC's for the ease in which it is accomplished).

I had a metal man make me a couple sets of the aluminum spacers that go between the crossmember and the frame of the Alpines. I'm trying to get my MetalMan to get it down to bare minimum. (Approximate cost $100 per pair). Suggest you could get "local" shop to make them for you from stock. Found some listed on Ebay recently too!

I offer all components individually or any number of items for buyers convenience. I do not "label" them as a KIT. The choice of what you want is yours. I am willing to assist in any way to determine what you may need to complete an installation. Instructions and recommendations are available just ask.

All components come powder coated except the headers. An option for coating is made to the buyer.

Thanks for looking,


P.S. Additional information and PIC's are available upon request at: tiger 2 dan @ g mail dot com (no spaces).
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