Additional V6 Conversion Components by DanR

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Additional V6 Conversion Components by DanR

Postby Tiger2Dan » Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:34 pm

These items are what I offer for converting an Alpine drive train to a 2.8 V6 Cologne Engine mated to late model Mustang T5.

PIC 110741: is the upper rod for the Alpine gas pedal.

PIC 11220: is the Thermostat Housing ( Modified) I offer with a heater option.

PIC112208: Is the Water neck for the OFY 4 bbl Intake I modify turning toward the left hand side of the radiator. My Radiators have the upper hose connection on the left hand side (same as the stock Alpine) and the lower on the right hand side (TURNED 90 DEGREES STRAIGHT BACK TOWARD THE LEFT HAND SIDE) for better fitting to the Thermostat housing. I utilize a late model Cadillac hose for this purpose and are readily available in most Auto Parts Suppliers. Eliminates a lot of hassle otherwise..
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