username / password problems (why can't I log in?)

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username / password problems (why can't I log in?)

Postby ImpBarn » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:01 am

If you can't log in there could be a few issues.

First... if you are a club member our Membership Chairman would have supplied you with a username and password for the "member's only" section of the website. Those credentials won't work on the bulletin board forum.

Second... Have you actually registered? We run our website and forum with very little restriction for non-club members. This online bulletin board is for the enjoyment and benefit of all Rootes Group enthusiasts. Simply follow the link for REGISTER at the top of the forum page.

Third... You have registered, but have forgotten your password? Well, this is easy too. Just click I FORGOT MY PASSWORD under the login screen, and the system will automatically email it to you.

If all else fails email me from your email address that you have registered with, and include your username.

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