United summation

Information pertaining to the 2013 United. If you weren't there to share the fun, make sure you don't miss the next one.
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United summation

Postby 65sunbeam » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:12 am

Hi All

Over the Columbus Day Weekend, Saint Michaels on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland served as the venue for the Tigers East/Alpines East United XXXII; and although Mother Nature tried her best to dampen things, she could not break the spirit of 136 Rootes vehicle enthusiasts. Breaks in the rain occurred right in sync with the schedule and all the events, except the drag race, proceeded as planned.

This year the United celebrated “60 years of the Alpine.” In addition to a healthy contingent of Alpines and Tigers, there were a wide variety of “Rare Rootes” vehicles represented including: a 54 Alpine Mk 1; an Alpine Venezia; a Singer Gazelle Series 3; a Series IV Holbay Automatic and an Imp.

Friday began with the driving tour that wound through scenic Talbot County and finished in Oxford, MD. After lunch several of the cars made the return trip using the ferry across the estuary that separates Oxford from St, Michaels.

This year’s Concours was held Saturday morning along the edge of Chesapeake Bay on Tilghman Island. The show field was quite soggy from the overnight rain but still firm enough in most places to proceed. Over several hours the judges inspected the vehicles which were divided into stock and personalized classes. Judging focused on five areas: chassis, exterior, interior, trunk compartment, and engine compartment.

Sunday morning broke under very bleak skies after a night of continued rain. After inspecting the site for the autocross, the organizers decided to proceed and set up a challenging course. After some adjustments in the course to better accommodate for the wet conditions the cars were off. The course conditions got more slick with each run and times went up across the board. Consequently, Clyde Mclaughlin in his Tiger MkIA (Street Prepared Class) posted the fastest time of the day on his very first run. The competition was close and in some instances class awards were determined by 1/100th of a second.

The weekend’s events concluded Sunday night with the Awards Banquet. The banquet was held at the Harrison House overlooking Chesapeake Bay. Our guest speaker Tim Suddard, Publisher of Classic Motorsports magazine gave an informative…and humorous presentation on car restoration and his 38 years in the car restoration and auto magazine business. Our host Joe Parlanti then presented the awards. In addition to awards for the Concours and Autocross, TE/AE presented its annual and special awards to the following individuals.

Keith Porter Award (Alpine) – Greg Bell
Keith Porter Award (Tiger) – Clyde McLaughlin
Wally J. Swift Award – Nick Kintner
Spirit of the Alpine – Gordon Foss (’54 Alpine Mk 1)
Most Miles Travelled (1206 miles) – Rod Patriquin & Robert Hamilton
Premier Class – Clyde McLaughlin
Historic Vehicle Association “This Car Matters” Award – Jim Lindner

The full listing of the Concours and Autocross awards follows:


Stock Alpine
1st Place – Bob and Jean Webb
2nd Place – Wayne & Karen Pierzga
Personalized Alpine
1st Place – Sy Block
2nd Place - Greg & Margaret Bell
3rd Place - Warren Whitley

Stock Tiger
1st Place – Jim Lindner
2nd Place – Rich and Jackie Keller
3rd Place – Mark and Nancy Petri

Personalized Tiger
1st Place – Jon Hasbrouck
2nd Place – Tom Hillman
3rd Place – Nick Kintner

Rare Rootes
1st Place – Gordon Foss (’54 Alpine Mk 1)
2nd Place – David Reina (Alpine Venezia)
3rd Place – Rod Patriquin (Singer Gazelle Series 3)

Popular Vote
Most Desirable Alpine – Wayne Pierzga (Series IV Holbay Automatic)
Most Desirable Tiger – Rich and Jackie Keller
Most Desirable Rare Rootes – Gordon Foss (’54 Alpine Mk 1)


Fastest Time of the Day – Clyde McLaughlin

Stock Tiger
1st Place – Jim Lindner
2nd Place – Tom Calvert
3rd Place – Mark Petri

Street Prepared Tiger
1st Place – Clyde McLaughlin
2nd Place – Nick Kintner
3rd Place – John Logan

Modified Tiger
1st Place – Hugh Guynes
2nd Place – Doug Jennings

Modified Alpine
1st Place – Greg Bell

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Re: United summation

Postby Mark1A » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:30 pm

Nice summary.
I also thought that it was fun to meet (and chat with) the 2 Marthas in attendance... very special to have them with us:
Martha Wheat - of Pro-Prep Interior fame (fantastic job on our Tiger's seats :) )
Martha (aka "Marty") - daughter of Keith Porter, also now re-united with her Dad's Tiger. You can't make up these kinds of stories.
Aunt Helen Swift was able to attend, it was wonderful to see her back after a few years when she was not able to get to the United.
Great stuff!
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