Sunbeam Venezia 50th B-day

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Sunbeam Venezia 50th B-day

Postby jaars » Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:17 am

Today, 12 September, exactly 50 years ago, an interesting event took place
in Venice, Italy. On a barge, a Sunbeam Venezia was transported to the
Piazza San Marco to be presented to the press.
For you and for us, owner of or just interested in this specific type of motor car,
a good reason to celebrate!
We have therefore guessed it would be a good idea to develop a dedicated
website for the Sunbeam Venezia, incorporating some history, a register
of all Venezias we know of worldwide, and a market place.
Please take a look:
The purpose of the registry is to show how many Venezias still survive,
in what condition they are, and who their owners are. Some of the information
provided is very actual, some of it dates back a few years and requires updating.
It does not pretend to be complete, nor entirely accurate. It reflects what
we know at this moment about the world's remaining Venezias.
Please help us to make and keep it up-to-date, by sending us missing details,
stories, facts, pictures and what-have-you on the subject of your
Sunbeam Venezia or if you're not an owner, on the subject in general.
We shall be very pleased to incorporate your input into the website.

Can we ask you one favour: please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail as
soon as you have read it, so that at least we know you saw it and that
your e-mail address is correct.

With best regards, awaiting your feedback,

Hans Visser ( )
Robert Jaarsma ( )

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