Please help with 1725 engine into series 5 minx

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Please help with 1725 engine into series 5 minx

Postby Mr Minx » Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:10 pm

Hey all :D
im 15 and am currently restoring my 1964 series 5 minx :mrgreen: which has the 1600 engine
it's a mad little car and i bought my self a hillman hunter GT 1725 holbay headed motor to go into her :twisted:
but as there is little info on these cars on the net and i cant find what i need to do the conversion :cry:
i know the series 6 minx had the normal 1725 motor but the mount's on the hunter 1725 are rear :?
i am a bit stuck and confused and any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:
If it's any help i am in Australia, victoia
thank you very much!!!!!
1964 Hillman Minx under resto

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Re: Please help with 1725 engine into series 5 minx

Postby alpine_64 » Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:49 am

mr Minx,

i can give you a hand with that info, I am also in Melbourne Australia. Drop me an e-mail through the site and i will give you my contact details. Are you sure you found a Holbay motor not just a holbay rocker cover on the motor? There are a few differences on a full holbay setup.

You will need the timing cover off your stock motor too.. also the inlet manifolds off the hunter will not work for you either.. in a hunter/arrow car the motors are mounted 10deg canted, which is why they have different motor mounts and manifolds, also the bell housing will be different.

Speak soon

Michael King
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