'58 Hillman Husky Project Car Located in Northern Nevada

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'58 Hillman Husky Project Car Located in Northern Nevada

Postby Nevadanut » Thu Jul 19, 2007 12:07 am

I've had a fairly large influx of Sunbeam/Hillman cars and parts recently, and one of the items that followed me home was a '58 Hillman Husky. This car is rough, and was previously a race car in California some years ago. But it is a titled rolling shell. Many other Sunbeams also followed me home and are trying to crawl under the shop door as we speak, and more may be on the way. Therefore, I may consider letting the Husky go. After unloading several truckloads of Hillman/Sunbeam parts, reality tells me that I can't realistically keep everything. I'm staying busy building the new Tiger front suspensions, and there just isn't 30 hours in the day as I would like to have. If the car is to interest to someone in this community, let me know. It's going to sit here for some time before I could do anything promising with it, and I'd rather trade/sell it for parts or something else. Send e-mail if interested.

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