V6 Conversion Components by DanR

Post information regarding the modification of Alpines.
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V6 Conversion Components by DanR

Postby Tiger2Dan » Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:33 pm

Radiator Modification keeps stock top left hose connection, only change bottom right to under the tank at 90 Degree elbow 428.jpg
Misc Components grouped together 20161023_113509.jpg
I have designed and fabricated a full compliment of components for the Ford ('74-78 Mutt II and '83-85 Ranger/Bronco II 2.8 V6) engine into the Sunbeam Alpines mated to the late model Mustang T5's.

Why cut up a quality built header you did not like sticking out the side of the car? Just build a new one was my idea! The prime reason with my "Straight-back" design was the difficulty using the ones that came in the "kit" I bought that "stick-out the sides". Modifying them and trying to route the exhaust piping under the car was the very very difficult.

I Headers run straight-back similar to the Tiger exhaust (not out the side). I "fitted" the headers on three different Alpines (mine) with vary little noted differences. I have "squeezed" mine very tightly for a bit more clearance.

Headers with 2 ½”collector cost is $575.00 "Slip type" collector. Headers with the Ball & Socket end cost is $675.00 THey come with correct Metric 10.9 mm 1.5 thread 25mm lg 12 point heads 12.9 hardness.
Plus shipping.

The various other components/brackets are: Engine mounts; Transmission mount for the T5 to the 4 speed and the BW35 automatic transmission Alpines; Slave cylinder mount; Alternator mount, and Crosslink (A one piece formed rod threaded for tie rod ends); Upper gas pedal rod; Modified Thermostat housing with or without header options; and Pilot shaft adapter.

I plan to offer the components either individually or together. In other words, I will offer the Headers by them selves; the Engine mount brackets by them selves or any combination of my components for the buyers convenience.

E-mail me for pictures and pricing if interested in doing a Conversion or upgrading your Alpine..


P.S. Also on the SAOCA site
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