Are you pulling a trailer? Weight matters.

The importance of proper weight distribution. — Machine Pix (@MachinePix) February 8, 2017

A2 – Chassis Codes Issued for Sunbeam Vehicles

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars Download MSWord document of this file here Get a PDF of this file here. Talbot 10 1936 model 1001 2500 1936 Talbot 10 1937 model 3001 3350 1937 Talbot 10 1938 model… Read More

A3 – Chassis Codes Issued for Hillman Vehicles

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars Download a PDF of Hillman chassis engine number coding MODEL COMMENCING CHASSIS NUMBER ENDING CHASSIS NUMBER PRODUCTION DATES Hillman Minx Mk. 1 Approx. July 1945 to December 1947 Hillman Minx Mk. 11… Read More

A4 – Chassis Codes Issued for Humber Vehicles

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars Humber chassis engine number coding Humber Hawk Mk. 1 approx. July 1945 to September 1947 Humber Hawk Mk 11 September 1947 to October 1948 Humber Hawk Mk. 111 October 1948 to September… Read More

A5 – New Chassis Number Format: 1970 and after

Rootes and Chrysler U.K. Passenger Cars A new vehicle identification format was introduced in July 1970. Download a PDF of Later model chassis engine number coding New chassis plate example: Chassis No. R G 211 000115 Service Code… Read More

A6 – Torque Settings

Propeller shaft, Rear Axle, Number of teeth, adjustments and overall ratios

A7 – Torque Loading Figures

Engine, Gearbox, Rear Axle, Propeller Shaft, Front Suspension, Rear Suspension, Steering, Brakes

A8 – General Data and Dimensions: Alpine and Rapier

General dimensions, weight, towing and other Capacities of Alpines and Rapiers

A9 – Rootes Family Tree

Rootes family tree – published by Carsten Justensen of the Rootes Danmark Club