H1 – Speaking on the Topic of Gears

by A. Wcjtowicz If you have considered changing the rear end gears in your Tiger for faster starts and more acceleration, you might be interested to know one of the other possibilities. The standard ratio Tiger rear is… Read More

H2 – Rear Air Shock Installation

by Tom Stoyle in the March 2003 RootesReview Maybe some of you members out there are experiencing the same problem that I did. That problem happened to be fatigued rear springs. My car sat too low in the… Read More

H3 – The Mysteries of the Dana “Posi” rear end, solved

by Tom Hall in the March 2005 RootesReview Contrary to a common myth, installing a limited slip differential carrier in a Tiger axle with the 2.88 gear set is not a major problem. You do have to address… Read More