C43 – Why All That Horsepower?

by Jim Anderson in the January 2002 RootesReview: The Economist magazine had an interesting article recently (Dec. 8, 2002) on the physics and economics of automotive aerodynamics. It seems that open-wheeled Fl and CART racers have the approximate… Read More

M40 – Emergency Flasher

by Larry Paulick in the April 2002 RootesReview: I had an emergency flasher in my Tiger, installed 25 years ago, that finally gave up the ghost. In looking for a suitable replacement, I found a flasher from Lucas… Read More

B19 – Replacement Alpine Water Pump in Question

by Carl Moon in the October 2001 RootesReview: Alpines do not typically suffer from cooling problems at least to the degree that Tigers do. But, as I have found, it can become problematic even for these small 4… Read More

B18 – Tiger Cooling Study Responses

from the March 2001 Rootes Review: The cooling article in the last Rootes Review garnered lots of comments and questions. The following letter from Bill Holden is typical of many letters and comments received. Bill’s comments and questions… Read More

B17 – Simplify Your Cooling Tests

by John Logan in the May 2001 RootesReview: The purpose of this paper is to describe a simple method to use in testing and analyzing vehicle cooling performance for those of you who want to improve your vehicle…. Read More

M39 – Alternate Dash Lamps

by Paul Almjeld in the August 2002 RootesReview: You Light up My Life! Remember that song of a few years back? It’s what came to mind during a trip to the local Radio Shack store. A quick and… Read More

C42 – Baffling Your Tiger Oil Pan

by Bill Barnett in the April 2002 RootesReview: For Tigers that experience a loss of oil pressure while braking, cornering, or accelerating hard, the cause is the oil sloshing away from the oil pump pick up screen. As… Read More

N46 – Car Polishing Tips for Older Cars

By Steve Silverstein in the October 2001 RootesReview: (Cleaning and polishing old cars is something that should be as basic as washing your face or brushing your teeth. But it is remarkable how little most car owners know… Read More

M38 – PerTronix Ignitor Problems on the Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in the May 2001 RootesReview: Five or six years ago I installed a PerTronix LU-142 unit on my Series 4. It worked great: I did not even have to adjust the timing. It was spot… Read More

P2 – Defroster Tube Replacement

by Stu Brennan in the December 2002 RootesReview: When I replaced the paper defroster tubes in my Tiger, I came across a solution that you might want to consider. I had wanted to complete the project in one… Read More