J1 – Tiger Steering Column Rebuild

Jim Leach Pacific Tiger Club published in the January 1997 Rootes Review When our cars were designed and built, no one at Rootes or Jensen could have imagined so many Sunbeam Tigers would have survived 30+ years and… Read More

E4 – Clutch Slave Cylinder Tubing

by Ed Esslinger in the March 2003 RootesReview If you have owned an Alpine or Tiger for some time, you will sooner or later experience clutch failure, caused by a broken steel tube between the clutch master and… Read More

Cooling the Sunbeam Tiger
by Tiger Tom and Chuck King

Since our Tigers were produced in the mid-60’s, one of the things that has continued to be considered a problem has been the cooling system; in particular overheating after extended periods of idling on hot days. Some owners have been successful at cooling their Tigers and some are still trying to keep their Tigers cool. Solutions have been offered that have generally been based on empirical evidence. This is the first fact- and data-based findings published regarding effective cooling solutions for the Tiger and some fan airflow information for Alpines. Our findings are also applicable and maybe of interest to other owners with similar engine cooling configurations with overheating problems. Read the rest

M1 – Installing an Additional Gauge

by Stu Brennan If you’re like me, and you want to know as much as possible about what’s happening with the systems in your car, then you have probably considered adding an extra gauge. I wanted to add… Read More

L1 – Tire Selection

by Steve Hansen Now that our Alpines and Tigers are between twenty-five and thirty years old, they are probably not riding on their original 6. 00 X 13 Dunlops any longer. Still for those who may be interested… Read More

B1 – Heating Solution No. 999

The original Heating Solution No. 999 published in 1980, and No. 999 revisited in 1981, 1983 and 1984, have assisted dozens of Tiger owners in the U.S. and Canada resolve their overheating problems. Here is the latest information… Read More

T1 – Preparation of Production Sunbeam Tiger Solo II/Pro Solo

Preparing a Tiger for autocross is like climbing Mt. Everest; the goal is to get to the top, but there can be a wide variety of successful paths taken to get there.

M2 – Series IV, V, and Tiger Mark I and II Horn Hint

Over the years of use, the horn rings either break or they become bent to the extent that the horn ring hits the steering wheel spokes before it makes its internal electrical contact and turns on the horn…. Read More

L2 – Balancing of Wire Wheels

If you are having trouble getting your wire wheels properly balanced, or feel that there are too many weights on them, you might have a problem with the. method in which the wheels are mounted on the balancing… Read More

T2 – Winter Storage Tips

by Robert J. Jaarsma Depending on your personal circumstances. you might each store your Sunbeam during the winter months in a different fashion. However, what is the proper way to do this? We will have all one thing… Read More