G13 – Sway Bar Bushings and Mounting Systems for Improved Handling

by John Wotring in the August 1979 RootesReview Many people pay too much attention to the diameter of their sway bars. They should pay a little more attention to bushings in which the sway bar is mounted. The… Read More

D25 – Carburetor Indicator Light

by Phil Lindsay in the July 1979 RootesReview With the current gas shortage, the use of vacuum operated secondary four barrel carburetors (such as the 600 CFM Holley R-1850) has become an attractive alternative to those gas guzzling… Read More

D24 – Enlarged Gas Tank Capacity for Hungry Tigers

by Phil Lindsay in the July 1979 RootesReview In order to better cope with the California gas lines, I have installed an extra gas tank in my Tiger. My additional tank comes from the early series Alpine I… Read More

C41 – Series V Oil Filter

from the July 1979 RootesReview Are you paying top dollar for a tin can with toilet paper from your local friendly just because his book lists some weird part number for an Alpine? Now you can go to… Read More

M34 – Modified Dual Tail Lights

by Phil Lindsay in the May 1979 RootesReview I recently modified my Tiger’s taillights so that both the upper and lower sections serve as taillights. Doubling the number of taillights should be good for night time driving (That’s… Read More

C40 – A Prime Cause of Failure of an Alpine Engine

by Dave Lawler in the May 1979 RootesReview While having some discussions about maintaining oil pressure in a racing configured engine it became apparent to me that many people may be missing a serious problem. As a result… Read More

K23 – Servo Units

by Marc James Small in the April 1977 RootesReview, edited by Tom Calvert Regarding the article on servo unit rebuilding by Antoni Wojtowicz and M. del Prado in the August, ’77 issue, the system is truly fine and… Read More

C39 – Installing a Ford 2.8 Liter V6 in an Alpine

by Bob Sharkey in the July 1996 RootesReview The project begins with the desire to have an Alpine with a little more zip than original 1725cc engine could provide. At the Sunbeam United in Charleston, South Carolina a… Read More

R1 – Rear Axle Hub Puller

by Ed Esslinger in the July 1996 RootesReview After trying many methods of removing rear (axle) hubs from Alpines and Tigers, I had my welding shop make this tool. The plate is 6” x 6”and is 3/8″ thick…. Read More

T28 – Installing an Air Conditioner in an Alpine

by Ed Esslinger in The August 1996 RootesReview Several weeks ago while working on my newest S-IV Alpine the weather turned hot and humid. I began to wonder how difficult and how cheaply and air conditioner could be… Read More