N56 – Releasing a Locked Hood

By Steve Werrel in the May 2007 RootesReview: For my first contribution I would like to provide an answer to Jim Andersons question on how to release a locked hood or as we call them over here a… Read More

M46 – Electric Windshield Washer Control

by Tod Brown in the May 2007 RootesReview: The original windshield washer setup on our cars requires that you manually push a pump mechanism to get washer fluid onto the screen. However, as I got older and lazier,… Read More

K27 – Rear Disk Brakes for Alpines and Tigers

by John Logan in the May 2007 RootesReview: Why should I put disk brakes on my Sunbeam? Do you wish your Sunbeam had more rear braking power? Would you like to eliminate brake adjustments, maintain short pedal travel… Read More

N55 – Cubby Box Restoration Tip

by Mike Shreiner in the May 2007 RootesReview: I discovered a tech tip while installing a new wood dash….the old cubby cardboard had what was left of a black fuzzy felt like material on it. It was disintegrating… Read More

G14 – Tiger Front End Rebuild

by Jon Hasbrouk in the March 2007 RootesReview: This total project is about the restoration and personalizing the ’66 Tiger that we have owned for some 15 years. The goal is to make mechanical modifications that will make… Read More

D32 – Stock SU Fuel Pump

by Ron Fraser in the March 2007 RootesReview: From the Shop Manual I get the following information: Flow rate = 15 gallons per hour Fuel = 6 lbs/ gal 15 gal/ hour = 90 lbs/ hour Pressure or… Read More

M45 – Wiper Motor Wire Colors

from the February 2007 RootesReview: The wiper motor wires are cloth covered and they should be color coded as follows: NLG = brown with light green RLG = red with light green G= green +12v line I had… Read More

C45 – Tiger Flywheel Bolts

by Ron Fraser in the February 2007 RootesReview: Flywheel bolts for the Tiger are Ford part number: B8A-6379-A; 7/16″ x 1 1/16″ These are high strength bolts; buy a package from a good source such as Ford or… Read More

F15 – Hurst Shifter for Tiger

By Robert Olah in the February 2007 RootesReview: “I called Hurst Tech in Cleveland, OH (216-688-8300) and spoke to a nice gentleman who had a 1977 old catalog. He looked the Sunbeam Tiger up and found the part… Read More

N54 – Convertible Top Protector

by John Logan in the February and April 2007 RootesReview: In the February issue you saw pictures of the convertible top protector. Now I’ll tell you how they were made. They are of course for the Alpines and… Read More