United 36 in Staunton VA: September 21-24, 2017

This is a great event for owners of all Rootes Marque vehicles. Includes driving activities like autocross and rally and a concours of beautiful cars at Ridgeview Park in Waynesboro, VA on Saturday

Schedule of Events United 36

Tentative schedule for events at United 36 in Staunton. But rest assured, you’ll get an accurate one at registration!

Pictures from United XXXV: Panoz Trip

Saturday – Shop Visits Part 1 – On the Way If you know who any of these cars belong to, please use the number below the picture and tell us in the comments section below.

Pictures from United XXXV: Arrivals

Arrivals – Thursday (thanks to Clark Vegazo for these pictures) Sunbeams started appearing at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast on Thursday. They came from near and far, some driven, some trailered. Clark even made a video: If you know… Read More

Hotel Reservations Open
for United XXXVI: Staunton, VA

Event Overview | Schedule | Hotel Info | Registration September 21-24  •  Staunton, VA The Holiday Inn and Conference Center 152 Fairway Ln Staunton, VA 24401 Make your reservations now! Register today! September 21 – 24, 2017 Renovated… Read More

Ron Green’s Car Collection Video

If you were at the United 35 in Atlanta, perhaps you visited Ron Green’s car collection. Here’s a short video of it from CaffeineAndOctane, which has a pretty cool collection of videos! By the way, this video is… Read More

Concours at United 35: Video

If you missed the Concours at United 35 in Norcross, GA, here’s a nice over view (18:04) Video by Clark A. Vegazo, Deland, FL Want to skip ahead or slide back to another point in the video? Grab… Read More

Autocross at United 35:Video

Here’s a real taste of the AutoCross at United 35 in Norcross, GA (15:43) Video by Clark A. Vegazo, Deland, FL Want to skip ahead or slide back to another point in the video? Grab the red dot… Read More

Early Arrivals at United 35: Video

A two minute 28 second look at the early cars in the parking lot Thanks to Clark A. Vegazo, Deland, FL

2016 TEAE United Concours and Club Award Results

Concours Stock Alpine First Place Wayne & Karen Pierzga Stock Tiger First Place Anthony Pietrangelo (Hagerty Tiger) Second Place Rich Combs Third Place Alan Rhodes Personalized Alpine First Place Stephen Smith Second Place Mike & Tina Swope Third… Read More