Bulletin 67-62: Alpine V & Arrow Change of Float Material In Carb

NUMBER: 67-62 DATE: 11-20-67 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Zenith-Stromberg Carb MODELS: Alpine V & Arrow SUBJECT: Zenith-Stromberg CD & CDS Carbs: Change Of Float Material A modification has been introduced on the subject carburetors, changing the float assembly material… Read More

Bulletin 67-53: 7.5-inch Clutch Carbon Throw-out Bearing Wear

NUMBER: 67-53 DATE: May 10, 1967 GROUP: Clutch SUBGROUP: Throw Out Bearing MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Fitted With 7.5″ Diaphragm Clutch SUBJECT: Wear Of Clutch Carbon Throw Out Bearing Some reports of rapid wear of the clutch throw… Read More

Bulletin 67-52: Ball Joint Checking Procedure

NUMBER: 67-52 DATE: 4-24-67 GROUP: Front Suspension SUBGROUP: Ball Joints MODELS: All Sunbeam Models Except Arrow & Imp SUBJECT: Ball Joint Checking Procedure In order to assist you in properly servicing ball joints as outlined in the Certified… Read More

Bulletin 67-49: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260 Brake Pads

NUMBER: 67-49 DATE: 4-19-67 GROUP: Brakes SUBGROUP: Brake Pads MODELS: Alpine IV & V, Tiger 260 SUBJECT: New Brake Pads In order to improve braking stability under all operating conditions, a new lining material (DS.31) has been introduced… Read More

Bulletin 67-43: Borg-Warner 35 Thumping Noise

NUMBER: 67-43 DATE: 3-31-67 GROUP: Automatic Transmission SUBGROUP: Adjustment MODELS: All Models Equipped With Borg-Warner 35 Transmission SUBJECT: Thumping Noise Some cases of a thumping noise from the transmission have been reported when shifting into ‘D’ or ‘D1’…. Read More

Bulletin 67-45: Alpine V Engine Vibration

Note: See Service Bulletin 68-18 NUMBER: 67-45 DATE: 4-3-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Intake Manifold MODELS: Alpine V SUBJECT: Engine Vibration When you receive complaints of engine vibration which can normally be felt through the accelerator pedal especially at… Read More

Bulletin 67-26: 1725cc Engine Oil Leaks

NUMBER: 67-26 DATE: 2-13-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Miscellaneous MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1725 Engines SUBJECT: Engine Oil Leaks Before any detailed examination of oil leaks is attempted, be sure that: The oil level is correct and that… Read More

Bulletin 67-18: 1600cc & 1725cc Oversize Piston Pins

NUMBER: 67-18 DATE: Feb. 7, 1967 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Piston Pins MODELS: All Models Equipped With 1600 & 1725cc Engines SUBJECT: Oversize Piston Pins A new oversized piston pin has been released for service under part number 5110421… Read More

Bulletin 67-23: Tiger 260 Fan Blade Clearance

NUMBER: 67-23 DATE: 2-7-67 GROUP: Cooling SUBGROUP: Fan Blade MODELS: Tiger 260 SUBJECT: Fan Blade Clearance In order to control the clearance between the fan blade tips and the rack and pinion steering unit, spacing washers are fitted… Read More

Bulletin 67-21: Imp I & II Engine Oil Leaks

NUMBER: 67-21 DATE: 2-7-67 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Engine Oil Leaks MODELS: Imp I & II SUBJECT: Engine Oil Leaks Imp I Models Recent investigation of reported oil leakage from the oil pan gasket revealed incorrect positioning of the… Read More