Bulletin 68-18: Alpine V Engine Vibration

NUMBER: 68-18 DATE: 10-14-68 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Intake Manifold MODELS: Alpine V SUBJECT: Engine Vibration THIS BULLETIN CANCELS AND SUPERSEDES BULLETIN 67-45 DATED 4-3-67. When you receive complaints of engine vibration which. can normally be felt through the… Read More

Bulletin 68-14: Zenith C.D. Carbs Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots

NUMBER: 68-14 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Carburetor MODELS: All Models Equipped With Zenith C.D. Carbs SUBJECT: Loss Of Oil From Dash Pots — Zenith C.D. Carbs Where complaints are received of persistent loss of oil from carburetor… Read More

Bulletin 68-13: Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light

NUMBER: 68-13 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Electrical SUBGROUP: Gauges MODELS: All Models Equipped With Alternators; Negative Ground Only SUBJECT: Fluctuation of Ammeter Needle/Ignition Warning Light In Models Equipped With Negative Ground Alternators On cars equipped with Lucas 10AC or… Read More

Bulletin 68-12: Arrow & Alpine V Corrosion of Temperature Sender

NUMBER: 68-12 DATE: 6-27-68 GROUP: Cooling SUBGROUP: Temperature Sending Unit MODELS: Arrow & Alpine V SUBJECT: Corrosion Of Temperature Sending Unit Since the introduction in approximately mid-January 1967, of a steel temperature sending unit, fitting into the thermostat… Read More

Bulletin 68-3: Alpine, Imp, Minx, Arrow Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness

NUMBER: 68-3 DATE: 2-28-68 GROUP: Engine SUBGROUP: Cylinder Head MODELS: Alpine, Imp, Minx, and Arrow SUBJECT: Cylinder Head Bolt Tightness Effective immediately, the cylinder head bolt torque loading figure has been reduced from 48 ft. lbs. to 45… Read More