Tiger Prototype

The Prototype Tiger Thanks to Curt Bowland for finding this story.   Check it out for some details on the development of the Tiger.

The Los Angeles Tiger (LAT)

When fitted with the proper equipment, the Tiger became a true racer and could dominate an event while putting some of Europe’s finest to shame. This proper equipment was available from the beginning for the Tiger and was designated as LAT meaning Los Angeles Tiger.

How do I know my Tiger is real?

A visitor asked: How do you verify that a Tiger is for real and not a fake? The easiest way to identify a “real” Tiger is to determine if it has been authenticated by the TAC process.* If… Read More

International Programme of Events

September 2002 Take in the No 8 & 9 Le Mans Tigers on track at the prestigious Goodwood Revival Meeting for classic race cars. Celebrate their first reunion with Peter Procter and Jimmy Blumer since 1964 in company… Read More

Tigers International

England: September 2002 LE MANS TIGERS REUNITED WITH WORKS DRIVERS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1964. STOC cordially invites Sunbeam Tiger club members and enthusiasts of the marque to TIGERS INTERNATIONAL. The program is open to all Tiger… Read More