Autocross at United 35:Video

Here’s a real taste of the AutoCross at United 35 in Norcross, GA (15:43) Video by Clark A. Vegazo, Deland, FL Want to skip ahead or slide back to another point in the video? Grab the red dot… Read More

AutoCross Results from United 35

Stock Alpine First Joe McConlogue 55.62 Street Prepared Alpine First David Swanger 48.33 Second Avis Swanger 51.10 Third Bill Blue 53.95 Modified Alpine First Jeff Fralick 45.26 Second Wayne Tubbs 49.72 Stock Tiger First Jim Lindner 49.57 Second… Read More

Autocross Classifications for Tigers and Alpines

Printer friendly files available as below: Download the autocross classifications for Alpines here Download the autocross classifications for Tigers here Autocross Classification Summary – Tiger Please see the full rules for complete classification requirements Stock Street Prepared Modified Classification… Read More

Announcing New TE/AE Autocross Rules

By John Logan Jim Morrison We have developed new TE/AE Autocross Rules to give our members a clear and concise reference to use in determining what class their cars should participate in and how their cars may be… Read More

TE/AE Autocross Rules

Autocross is a “grassroots” level motor sport using a mini road course outlined by cones (sometimes called pylons) on a parking lot. Cars compete against the clock – and thus the other competitors. The Club does cheer!