Recap of BASH 2012

37th Annual BASH Pagoda Hillclimb, Reading PA June 23, 2012 So what does that #O flat-head Ford dirt track jalopy (shown above) have to do with a Sunbeam BASH? A lot ! It’s Merlin Miller’s mothers’ race car,… Read More

Gallery of BASH 2012

Merlin Miller’s Race Up Duryea Drive, Reading PA (video)

Pagoda Hill Climb Parade Run Video

Check out this video of the cars at the Pagoda Hill Climb Shot from along the route!

Bring A Sunbeam Here | June 24

Where Sunbeams and Friends Meet 37th Annual BASH June 23 ½  – 24, 2012 Pagoda Hillclimb Reading, PA June 23½-24, 2012 Registration form here Make plans to come join us on the hill used to test the very… Read More