BASH 2017

42th Annual BASH:  May 20 Bring A Sunbeam Here It’s spring! Let’s get together and see Rootes cars… drive cars… discuss and diagnose cars. Have some food. Have some fun! Register on line here Register by mail here…. Read More

BASH 2016 Wrap Up

And this year’s award for a bad four-letter word goes to… RAIN! Joe and Kerch McConlogue hosted the BASH (Bring A Sunbeam Here) for the second year in Joe’s TajMaGarage on the side of one of Pennsylvania’s many… Read More

BASH 2016: Harrisburg PA

41th Annual BASH:  May 21 Bring A Sunbeam Here Register on line here Register by mail here at Joe and Kerch McConlogue’s  TajMaGarage 820 Fishing Creek Valley Road (PA Route 443) Harrisburg, PA  17112 (Site is about 1… Read More

Review of BASH 2015

The 40th BASH was a long weekend of fun in the hills and valleys around Harrisburg, PA. We had 36 people, 8 Sunbeams, 2 Triumphs, 1 MGA, and a Cobra. The parking logistics are a bit complicated here… Read More

Barn Find: B.A.S.H.

Saturday, May 16, 2015 Harrisburg, PA   17112 Full details and registration forms are here. Here’s the story of this year’s event: In 1973, Joe’s first 1967 Series V Sunbeam Alpine was finally in pretty good great* shape… Read More

40th Annual BASH: Bring a Sunbeam Here

2015 BASH Itinerary Read the story of this year’s event 820 Fishing Creek Valley Road (PA Route 443) Harrisburg, PA  17112 Site is about 1 mile east of intersection of PA 443 and PA  322) Early-Bird Activity: Friday… Read More

39th Annual BASH & Valve Cover Racing

Saturday, June 14, 2014 Hershey, PA “Where Sunbeams and friends meet” Your BASH this year promises to be a particularly memorable one. Although it is really a one day event, your experience can begin Friday evening, June 13… Read More

Valve Cover Racing Rules

Valve Cover Racing is coming to the BASH again in 2015 What’s a valve cover race? Think Pine Wood derby for Sunbeam enthusiasts. Take your favorite valve or side cover, add wheels and go racing. Bring yours to the… Read More

B.A.S.H. 2013

FixIn at TigerTom’s near Carlisle Saturday, May 18, 2013 The spring B.A.S.H. event will be hosted by Tiger Tom this year. It will be conveniently coincident with the Import / Kit Car show at Carlisle. The theme will… Read More

Recap of BASH 2012

37th Annual BASH Pagoda Hillclimb, Reading PA June 23, 2012 So what does that #O flat-head Ford dirt track jalopy (shown above) have to do with a Sunbeam BASH? A lot ! It’s Merlin Miller’s mothers’ race car,… Read More