AutoCross Results from United 35

Stock Alpine
First Joe McConlogue 55.62
Street Prepared Alpine
First David Swanger 48.33
Second Avis Swanger 51.10
Third Bill Blue 53.95
Modified Alpine
First Jeff Fralick 45.26
Second Wayne Tubbs 49.72
Stock Tiger
First Jim Lindner 49.57
Second Tom Jeffers 52.42
Street Prepared Tiger
First Clyde McLaughlin 44.86
Second Gary Holman 46.95
Modified Tiger
First Greg Christensen 44.18 FTD
Other AutoCross Cars in Participation
First Doug Jennings Jr 47.25
Second Doug Jennings Sr 47.32
Third Brad Phillips 56.99
2016 TEAE United Concours and Club Award Results
Schedule of Events for United 35