Guidelines for Submission to Rootes Review

rootesreviewWe are anxious to publish more of your articles and pictures in the RootesReview and on our website.

We need your help to make this process as smooth as possible for us. So please:

  1. Attach your content to an email.
  2. Send articles in Microsoft Word or plain text format (.doc, .docx, or .txt  files).
  3. Pictures and other graphics are best sent as .jpg, .jpeg, .png  format. (Naming images as something specific is helpful… especially if you send more than one picture.  e.g. 67blueTiger.jpg and not DSC02375.jpg. We want to be sure to get the right picture in the right place in the article.)
  4. Please do not send .pdfs. We have limited ability to format them.
  5. If you are unable to meet these guidelines, please contact the editor and we will try to make some accommodation.